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A puzzling parking garage

Dear Editor:It is my understanding that an individual wanted to build a privately owned parking garage next to Little Annie’s, and that it was shot down by the Town Council. Allegedly it was to be multilevel, with some high-tech auto elevators and such. First off, I can not understand why that would not be a good product to offer the fine people of Aspen and the tourists that travel here. Second, we all know what a pain in the Aspen it is to park anywhere in that town. But my purpose of this letter is to express my disgust and amazement with the present parking garage.A friend and I pulled in the garage on Tuesday and got a ticket. We drove the loop in the garage and saw no parking spaces available. We joked that if it was full, then why would they give us a ticket! After the second loop we barley squeezed into the last space, and there was literally 6 inches between the other cars, but we had to get to work, so we left a can opener on the hood for the cars next to us so they could get in their cars.I was amazed that it was only a two-level garage, so I walked out and around to the top level. What did I find? A large grass circle full of weeds, surrounded by brick pavers and not a soul anywhere to be seen. No one was there because there was no shade tree, and it was hot as hell.Why would you not make that space available for parking but instead an area that requires watering, mowing and tax dollars for maintenance? I am sure someone has a lame excuse, so I will keep my eyes out for their letter. And if you don’t want to put cars there at $12 a day, then how about digging down a few more levels to increase capacity? Sure, that would be expensive, but so is the cost of keeping the grass circle on top. Why, then, would intelligent council persons deny someone the opportunity to construct his/her own parking garage elsewhere in town on a lot that is already empty and full of gravel? He would make money, drivers would be happier, the town would make money in taxes, and then someone could still mow the grass circle!I don’t get it. If I am missing something, then please educate me. If the excuse is that you do not want more cars in town, then tell the tourists to go home or go to Vail, and stop granting building permits for more construction so the construction works will go elsewhere. Or is council waiting for the owner to submit a permit for some fractional timeshares or other overpriced free-market sardine cans to be built there? Keep up the good work, Aspen, and one day the wealthy second- and third-timeshare owners will have to wipe their own asses and mow their own yards. I hope I live long enough to see that.Norm, aka John NormanCarbondale

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