A proud Republican

After reading “leftist” columnists and letters to editors, I feel it is important for those of us who believe in traditional social/moral values, private property and capitalism to be sure our voices are heard.

We must make it clear we object to efforts to make deviant/immoral behavior acceptable. We must continue to prevent government from undertaking more and more economic activity best left to private individuals.

We need to be sure our socialist enemies understand we will not allow them to institute their wrongheaded social and economic policies in our city, our county, our state or our nation.

At the local level, let’s start with the elimination of government involvement/support of housing. We should follow that with budget reductions that make significant cuts in the so-called social services.

Follow this with a sharp knife to the school budget for non-essential and non-academic expenses. Then simplify the local building codes so individuals can do what they want with their own property. Also, we should direct the police force to use all available means to arrest, prosecute and convict users of illegal drugs.

Nationally, we must prevent efforts to institute socialized medicine. Broadly, we must fight to prevent more government interference in our lives.

I give thanks every day that we have a Republican President and a majority in the U.S. house and Senate.

Bill Schaffer



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