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A proposed ordinance on noise

Dear Editor:Whereas motorcycles are built to federally mandated noise control standards,Whereas the World Health Organization reports significant adverse effects of excessive noise on human health,Whereas Aspen residents maintain a strong opposition to excessive motorcycle noise,Whereas Aspen is currently suffering from numerous forms of adverse ambient noise,Whereas it is believed animals (pets and bears!) are made more aggressive by ongoing loud noises,Whereas the courts view motorcycling NOT as a right, but a privilege, so under our legal system, the courts CAN regulate or eliminate a privilege,Whereas motorcycle bans do exist in some cities and are being considered in others,Whereas Aspen’s current 82 decibel level is considered by sound experts as being borderline between LOUD and VERY LOUD, above which continuous exposure is likely to degrade the hearing of most people,Whereas progressive states (Montana) have established acceptable motorcycle noise level as 70 decibels,Whereas Aspen authorities do not wish to jeopardize health or hearing of its residents,Therefore,We the citizens of Aspen request Aspen’s Declaration of Policy regarding vehicular noise be reduced from 82 to 70 decibel levels.Susan O’NealAspen