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A proposed corner of tall buildings

Dear Editor:

Recently the Paradise Bakery corner at Cooper and Galena was voted as one of the best gathering places in Aspen.

That could all change this Monday, May 12, if Aspen City Council members Jack Johnson, J.E. DeVilbiss, Steve Skadron, Dwayne Romero and Mayor Mick Ireland approve the demolition of the existing Kemo Sabe building and open space courtyard to replace it with a big building, as big, as tall and as wide as the historic Independence Square/Ralph Lauren building.

The developers are asking to change the use of the building from open space and three levels of commercial to no open space, two levels of residential housing, one level of parking and one level of commercial.

The proposed new tall building (which is lot line to lot line) is the last land use “infill” application submitted under Mayor Klanderud’s term, which the new council and mayor will have to decide on.

Because this corner is so magical and in danger of becoming a corner of tall buildings, a petition is being circulated asking people if they think Aspen City Council should approve this “infill” development. Please come by the Paradise Bakery corner at Galena and Cooper to look at the proposed “infill” development plans for the Kemo Sabe building, aka the Bidwell Building.

Volunteers will be there throughout the day and weekend. The petition can be signed by anyone. Please call 319-0771, if you miss us at the Paradise Bakery corner.

Toni Kronberg



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