A productive Easter

Dear Editor:Well, Easter weekend in Aspen was a pleasurable interest and an ongoing work in progress.Taking Aspen elementary schooler Giovanna Lopez with the Easter Vigil at Christ Episcopal Church with the service performed by the Rev. McNab was in the groove for me and a new experience for Giovanna Lopez. My petition signature gathering effort was relaxing and productive as I spent Easter Sunday doing it across from the gondola plaza. When I finished, I took up Glenwood Springs Derrick’s invitation for me to join the partying crowding at two shops, Surefoot and Hamilton Sports. It was a unique and refreshing way to enjoy my Easter.I guess in the near future I will return to Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs to again circulate the petition about restricting residential housing construction with its affordable housing component. I may have a second statewide petition to circulate about letting persons 21 years and older legally have an ounce or less of marijuana for their personal use. If these statewide petitions get about 70,000 valid signatures each, they will be on this November 2006 ballot.At least this time around, the Roaring Fork Valley electorate gets a chance to participate in the referendum initiative process dominated by the Denver metropolitan area. Don’t you agree?Emzy Veazy IIIBurbank, Calif.