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A proactive vote for the environment

Dear Editor:

If you’ve ever wondered what you can really do to protect the environment in a meaningful way, I’ve got an answer for you.

If your electricity comes from Holy Cross Energy, you will be getting a ballot in the mail in the next week to elect two new members to the board of directors. Don’t throw it out!

This election is an opportunity to help make Holy Cross ” already remarkably progressive when it comes to clean energy ” even more so.

There are two candidates for the board who support increasing Holy Cross’s supply of renewable energy in order to ensure stable, fair prices, reliable supply, and a clean environment. They know that as natural gas prices spike, our utilities bills will continue to go up, since a portion of our electricity is generated with natural gas. As inevitable carbon dioxide regulations kick in, the price of coal-fired power will also rise.

Lynn Dwyer, from the New Castle region, and David Campbell, from the Eagle region, both support clean power, stable prices, and energy efficiency to help you keep utility bills in check and protect the environment. They are young, enthusiastic, and ready for the job.

Please vote for Lynn and David for the Holy Cross Board. It’s the most important thing you’ll do for the environment this spring.

Auden Schendler