A pox on the valley?

Dear Editor:Is your May 16 article headlined “Jilted buyer of Redstone Castle reflects on what might have been” the first of a series detailing the misfortunes of all those who wanted to bid or who bid and lost on the Redstone Manor House?Surely each has a story to tell, but I, for one, have no interest in Toshia Wildasin’s extended account. I would have preferred to see The Aspen Times devote as much valuable space to the successful bidder’s plans for the historic property.Coincidentally, I have just finished reading Larry K. Meredith’s novel set in the Crystal River Valley, “This Cursed Valley.” The author’s afterword asks the question, “Did the Utes place a curse on the valley?” And, Mr. Meredith answers the question:The legend says they did and many old-timers agree. What we do know is that trouble and calamity have plagued many of those who have tried to use this beautiful valley to their own benefit. To that end, perhaps the curse is not such a bad thing after all.And, perhaps Ms. Wildasin can count herself fortunate after all.Judith OlesenRedstone