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A pox on the fun police

Dear Editor:Regarding the no BYOB at Snowmass Village’s Fanny Hill concerts:The more rules that we are required to adhere to, the less opportunity we have to be responsible for our own selves. And because rules are generally adjusted to the lowest common denominator of human behavior, the most responsible members of the group are then deprived of the simplest of pleasures as a result of someone else’s need to be baby-sat. The term “fun police” used to be a funny joke. It is becoming less and less humorous.Since this whole issue is most likely about someone making money selling alcohol at the event, I say SHAME ON YOU, you greedy, self serving lower case human being. May your children abandon you in your old age … that is if the world is unfortunate enough for you to procreate.Long live innocent fun!Karon LundyAspen