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A powerhouse once more

Dear Editor:

I wish to commend the City Council and its staff for initiating action to reactivate hydro-electric power generation near the historic powerhouse on Castle Creek. Your decision to restore hydro-electric generation is a milestone in a long and fabulous history of power generation in Aspen.

In 1892 a young electrical engineer, C.E. Doolittle, employed by D.R.C. Brown Sr., designed and supervised the construction of a most modern facility for its time. This power plant provided Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley with clean electric power and lights for some 70 years through the mining days and into the rebirth of Aspen. Then, in 1962, a poor decision was made to scrap the turbines in order to make room for a maintenance shop.

Having worked many a shift at the old powerhouse, it was a sad day for me to witness the lack for foresight in preserving the turbines of this historic powerhouse.

Now we can all rejoice in the restoration of clean and renewable hydropower for Aspen. Future generations will thank you. I hope to see, once again, a turbine spin at this historic site and participate in its dedication.

Jim Markalunas