A possible Swiss solution

Dear Editor:I am writing this letter to bring up a possible long-term solution to the increasing problems of traffic in downtown Aspen. I have watched the elections (for a straight shot versus the S-curves) come and go. The straight shot is a short-term solution (maybe five years) to the increase of traffic entering the city of Aspen. I understand that some of the traffic problems we are experiencing this summer are, in part, due to the Maroon Creek Bridge construction. However, this is a preview of what our traffic will become in the future if we do not come up with a solution.Let’s consider an underground parking lot built on the Marolt property. Shuttles every 15 minutes bring people downtown. A permitting system would be implemented in consideration of the number of parking spaces in the core and surrounding residential areas. Parking permits would be issued to businesses, lodges, residences, visitors, construction vehicles and employees based on studied criteria and time of year. Our present underground parking garage is successful. With proper planning we could accommodate the necessary requirements. Fees to park would support the shuttle service and maintenance of the garage and (small) shuttle buses. The city would buy bicycles (electric and self-propelled) to use during the summer months as alternative transportation from the garage. Change is always challenging, but can be of great benefit to us in the future. We have reached a traffic saturation point and must find a new solution. The traffic jam in the afternoon could be mitigated if we limit the number of vehicles. Zermatt, Switzerland, has a successful parking area outside the town.Financially, I do not know if this is possible, but I am hoping there will be attention for this alternative solution. I understand that it has been brought up in the City Council meetings before and I would like to support this idea. Judy HaasAspen


Hanukkah has arrived in Aspen

Members of the valley’s Jewish community gathered at the Albright Pavilion at Aspen Meadows Thursday for their second annual menorah lighting ceremony to celebrate and acknowledge the first day of Hanukkah.

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