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A poor decision by CMC

Editor’s note: The following letter was sent to Colorado Mountain College.

Dear Editor:

Five years ago, I was Channing’s science teacher, so I can safely say I was in the same position as you are today. One day, Channing had a seizure in the classroom. Although scary, the situation was not unexpected, as Channing made her condition known to both the school staff and students, much like she did with you.

How she handled it was amazing. Channing showed grace and aplomb in a difficult situation, as she has always done since. She is an amazing young lady who has never let her “disability” become a disability. She went home that day to rest, and classes went on normally without her. True, it was a momentary distraction, but classes went on normally.

I am shocked as an educator that you would consider Channing’s momentary distraction a major offense. Instead of asking her to drop the class, you should commend her for making the best out of an already difficult situation for her, and taking steps to further education and make herself a better person, which if you really knew Channing, is pretty hard because she is already such a wonderful, caring and inspiring person.

I admire and respect Channing. I wish her current teachers felt the same way.

Brandy Keleher

eighth-grade science

Aspen Middle School

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