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A political doggerel

Dear Editor:

“Between Iraq and a Hard Place”

It’s more fun to delight in Bach

Than read the news from old Iraq,

Where Maliki’s meshugaas sent benchmarks flying,

Sectarian violence succeeded Saddam’s aplomb,

And U.S aircraft drop bomb after bomb,

As billions are spent and thousands are dying.

Bring the troops home, the world cries out,

Don’t leave even one more GI’s life in doubt.

But to Battlin’ Bush there’s no strategy like success,

To keep al-Qaida from our shore

We must keep fighting (almost) evermore “

Only then can we end this bloody mess.

General Petraeus has been here and gone

But the tragic struggle will go on.

No. 1 Question: Are we safer at home base?

“I don’t know, actually,” the General said,

He spoke of pre-surge troop levels instead

So we stay today between Iraq and a hard place.

Jim Pitt