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A poem for mom

Dear Editor:

Although Thanksgiving may have passed, it doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t give thanks. The one person I owe the most thanks to is my mom. She has always been there for me and yet she was always short of a thank you from me. Mom, I love you so much and I always will. Here is a poem to let you understand how thankful I am of you:

To a parent I owe many thanks

For because you,

You opened up stream of riverbanks

Each different in its own way like a door

And every different door

Through if I walk I can explore even more

You gave me wings so I could fly

You gave me tears so I could cry

Now I realize what you do

And how I am so special to you

Now hear me roar

I couldn’t love you anymore

Than a dinosaur

And silly as that may seem

Thank you for opening up my

Life’s little stream

Because of you I

Will always follow

My little streams

I can’t love you more than I already do

So here is my BIG thanks to you

Mom I know you are special in every single way

but think of this little thought

I have shared with you today


All the stars you see at night

Are there to help you make me

smile super bright

Rebecca Robinson


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