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A plea for 3E

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the parents’ group at Basalt Elementary, we are urging you to vote yes on 3E this Election day. In our efforts to contribute to the school, we have seen our roles change from supporting the teachers with our time to raising funds for basic supplies. The schools have worked endlessly to eliminate waste, but right now we are literally selling popsicles for pencils. This isn’t about three-day field trips. This is about paper to write on and disinfectant so the kids can clean their own desks (janitorial staff has been already cut). For a mere $60 per $100,000 of property value, you can make a big difference in the local schools which in turn affects your community, your real estate value and these kids’ lives.

With your shrinking property values, your tax bills have drastically diminished. Please consider putting a portion of that back into our schools. Education (which has cost) is the most important thing we can provide our children. Please vote yes on 3E.

Andrea Michelson and Sara O’Connor

Snowmass Village

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