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A plan for vital records

Dear Editor:My name is Marian Clayton; I am a candidate for the Garfield County clerk and recorder, and have a mission and a vision to update the clerk’s office. This is my fourth letter in a series in which I outline and briefly explain the components of the office and how I plan to update the department.Today, the topic is “Registrar of Vital Records.”This department is the delegated authority by the State Department of Public Health in the issuance of birth certificates, certifies death records and issues certificates, plus issues marriage licenses. It is vitally important in the current trend of identification theft to manage these records with conservative and efficient management.Currently, Garfield County is able to provide certified copies of birth records for those individuals born in Colorado. The state is currently working to provide the same service for death certificates. This is an important aspect for those interested in geology searches because the county of death is not always known.The state is continually updating their rules and regulations regarding appropriate identification for access to vital records. A birth certificate is a requirement by the Colorado Department of Revenue to obtain a driver’s license or to replace a lost or stolen license.My plan is to departmentalize this area of the clerk’s office and train the staff to be experts in detecting fraudulent documents.A vote for Marian Clayton is a vote for confidence in change.Marian ClaytonNew Castle

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