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A place for pierogis coming to Glenwood

Dennis Webb
Glenwood Springs correspondent

A family from Poland will offer a taste of the old country when they open a restaurant next to their Glenwood Springs motel next year.

The owners of the Caravan Inn are building the 88-seat restaurant on Grand Avenue. They plan to offer American and European cuisine, said general manager Barb Hille.

Diners can expect an emphasis on Polish dishes such as the pierogi, which is made by filling a dough casing with anything from potatoes and cheese, to fruit, to sauerkraut. Food from other eastern European countries will also be served.

Stuffed cabbage rolls, breaded pork chops and homemade soups will be among some of the other offerings, Hille said.

Work on the restaurant began in August.

“We are looking at it as an added amenity for the Caravan but also for the town,” said Hille, daughter of Andy and Bernice Obrochta, who are Polish immigrants.

The Obrochtas have owned the Caravan Inn since 1990. They are one of several Polish families who have bought lodges in town, coming to the area by way of Chicago.

Andy Obrochta has lots of experience in the food industry as a restaurant owner and butcher, and in the deli and banquet businesses. That helped sway the family’s decision to open the Glenwood restaurant.

“It was an empty lot that we had there. … We had been tossing around ideas as far as what we wanted to do,” Hille said.

The restaurant should draw patrons not only from the 70-room Caravan, but from its location right on the city’s main thoroughfare, Grand Avenue.

Hille said the eatery will be a quality family restaurant, with reasonable prices and home-cooked meals. It will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and employ about 24 full- and part-time workers. That leaves Hille worried, but only a little, about trying to find staff in a city with seemingly more jobs than available workers.

“We have determination and we’ll make it work. We have a big family. Worst case, we’ll all have to work,” she said.

The Obrochta family also includes Barb’s siblings, Mark, Chris and Bart. Bart and Barb both went to Glenwood Springs High School, Barb having graduated just this year. But she’s already been part of the working world for years.

“Growing up in a family business, you just learned to work, which isn’t a bad thing,” she said.

The new building will have two floors, each more than 3,000 square feet in size. The restaurant will be on the main floor. The other floor will provide storage, but it will also feature an exercise room for Caravan guests, including those looking to work up an appetite or work off some pierogis.

Crews have been trying to finish closing in the building between recent storms, to protect them as construction continues this winter. The plan is to open the restaurant next summer.

“Our family loves to entertain, so I think it will be a great addition,” Hille said.

The Aspen Times, Aspen, Colo.

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