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A place by any other name …

The next time you see a fake Rolex dealer, think of the developer of Aspen, Utah.

Like the fake Rolex, the phony Aspen, Utah, may be a quick fix for those seeking life’s finer offerings. But let’s get real. There’s only one Aspen, and that’s right here in Colorado.

Indeed, the proposed ski-community development of Aspen, Utah, won’t be the same as Aspen, Colo. ” with nearly 130 years of incorporation, malls paved with cobblestone and everyday white-ness, from the stuff to play in to the people who play in it.

Don’t get us wrong. The developer can call this Utah community whatever he pleases. It’s likely the folks in Paris didn’t choke on their foie gras when they heard about Paris, Texas. So there’s no reason the local elitists should’ve coughed up their organic cereal when they read the morning papers last week about a developer’s petition seeking the incorporation of one Aspen, Utah.

Even so, talk about confusion in the marketplace.

First off, what will the paparazzi do when they learn they booked a trip to Aspen, Utah? Unless he’s embroiled in a scandal, photos of Donny Osmond sipping a decaf latte at the corner coffee shop won’t pay the bills for Us and People magazines.

Will high-end retailers like Gucci and Prada question whether it’s still worth having the Aspen cache, especially since there’s an Aspen next door in Utah?

And when Aspen, Utah, gets 2 feet of snow and Aspen, Colo., is sunny and dry, just how will the Skico officials handle press inquiries about the big storm?

If there were Darwin awards for bad business ideas, this would be a top candidate. It may make sense to name a cologne or a car or even a bottled water after Aspen. But why name a ski town after a ski town?

It’s almost like brewing that 3.2 percent swill they serve in the Beehive State and calling it beer.

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