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A pitch for heath care

Dear Editor:

I am writing to ask in the strongest possible way that you reject any amendment that weakens a public option in the Senate bill. The American people need a strong public option. If we are going to get our economy going, Americans first need to be out from under the burden that health care costs place on average working people and small businesses. Those two groups are the lifeblood of the whole economy. If they do not thrive then, ultimately, the whole economy will not thrive; however, their success could drive a significant recovery for the whole economy.

I know insurance industry lobbyists are fighting hard against health care reform and a public option. They represent corporations whose primary objective is to make even larger profits. That goal is at odds with the goal of providing health care for people. Any policy that does not address that fundamental issue will not produce meaningful reform. Any “reform” that ultimately serves the corporations, not Americans, will not produce the change that is desperately needed in our country immediately.

The news reports these issues being debated for the current bill; I will offer my opinion here.

Abortion – Women need access to affordable, legal and safe abortions. Making it inaccessible or illegal will not prevent it from occurring; it will only push the practice into the shadows, putting more people at risk.

Health care for the uninsured – Health care should be provided to every man, woman and child who is a citizen of the United States. We cannot afford to cover the 10 million people who are here illegally. Those people need to be given a simple road to citizenship. Once it can be documented that they are paying in to the system as citizens, then they can receive care also, but until that time they should not have access to state-funded care.

Medicare for all – Good idea. It is my understanding that Medicare recipients are happy with the service, and that Medicare for everyone would equate to having a single-payer system. I have always thought that a single-payer system is the best choice for health care in the United States. I have often wondered why it has never been on the table in Congress; especially in light of the fact that many respected care providers believe that is the best option.

Motivation for Congress to act now – I heard someone suggest that all congressional representatives lose their exclusive health care coverage until health care reform is implemented. I strongly support that suggestion. I think it would provide real motivation for our representatives on Capitol Hill, and motivation is not to be overlooked in any context.

I am expressing myself to you with all respect in the hope that you will take my views to heart and act on them. I am counting on you.

Maureen Jackson

Glenwood Springs

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