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A philosophy that fits the county

Dear Editor:It was so refreshing to read last Sunday’s Aspen Daily News front page article about the upcoming Sheriff’s race in Pitkin County. Rick Magnusun should be commended for his ability to be truthful with his philosophy on law enforcement. The problem with your philosophy is, you are about three counties away from the mindset of the good citizens of Pitkin County.The philosophy of Sheriff Braudis on life and law enforcement is so respected by the community and his deputies, that if by some miracle you were elected, you could never operate the well-greased machine.So, next time you hear the names, Dick Kienist, Bob Braudis, Gary Haynes, or Art Smythe, you’ll know why your community just happens to be a better place to live, work and play. It isn’t just a coincidence, it’s what’s right, and Rick, you can’t change that.Paul MayerBasalt