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A perfect library site

At the February Basalt Regional Library Board meeting, I was excited to hear continued discussion about the Levinson property as a possible site for our proposed library.

The idea of partnering with the Roaring Fork Conservancy on a site where town and river come together is worth further study and public input. These two important organizations could stand together to represent a diverse community.

The conservancy and the library combine the love of knowledge with preservation and protection of our rivers. Both organizations send a strong message about our values. Both organizations are powerful symbols for the town of Basalt.

Glenn Rappaport and Joede Schoeberlein are working with the library board to examine three possible sites. Glenn and Joede have been working with the board for over five months for a nominal fee and deserve thanks from the community for their time and dedication.

A lot of hard work has gone into this process. Let’s keep working toward a library that physically and symbolically represents our community.

Please give your input to the library board at http://www.basaltrld.org.

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