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A peaceful protest

Join us for a peaceful demonstration in Aspen this Saturday, Oct. 26, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., to coincide with the March in Washington, D.C., and the rally in San Francisco to “stop the war on Iraq.”

If you feel that your elected representatives did not hear, respond to or reflect your concerns when they voted to give President Bush the authority to take unilateral preemptive military action against Iraq either because they voted party (either), special (oil) or personal (re-election) interests over yours and the greater good, join us.

If you want our government to be held accountable, just as we demand of others, join us. If you want answers to questions the media and press can’t ask because they are controlled by a handful of corporations acting in their own private interests, join us.

If you feel hopeless, helpless or, worse, ambivalent, that nothing you do can make a difference, join us. If you want to send a message to Washington that they have not made a strong substantiated case to us, much less the rest of the world, to justify the taking of human life and destruction of environment, join us.

If you want the U.S. to practice what it preaches as global citizens, join us. If you want to preserve the very freedoms and rights we claim to fight for, join us. If you want the world to know that we truly want peace, join us.

We don’t get to vote on when, where and how we wage war and other military or covert action, but we do get to hire and fire the people who do.

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If you want to truly make a difference, vote and get everyone you know to register and to the polls to vote! You get to cast one vote, but you get the opportunity to influence many more votes, so join us.

Since it takes at least a month to get a permit to demonstrate on public property, there are certain rules that we need to follow to stay within our local ordinances for practicing our “freedom of speech” without that permit.

So, as not to obstruct traffic, people or public access, we must keep moving. We will meet at 10 a.m. at Paepcke Park to begin our walk on a specified route: East on Main Street (across from the Hotel Jerome and in front of the Cantina), South on Galena Street (in front of City Hall and the Farmer’s Market), West on Hopkins Avenue (in front of Zele’s and the Isis Theatre) and North on Aspen Street (across from Main Street Bakery) back to Paepcke Park.

You can join us for any or all of this loop and can come and go anytime between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. There are plenty of public benches nearby, public restrooms and water in City Hall and Wagner Park, and restaurants for eating. We recommend that you bring daypacks with food, water and clothing layers for your convenience.

Please bring a sign to carry, if you can. This is not a demonstration for or against any political party, or a personal attack against President Bush. This is a peaceful demonstration and we want our signs to reflect that, so please be respectful and refrain from the use of profanity and slurs.

We may hand out leaflets only when people ask for them. However, visibly carrying them will encourage people to ask. If you want to make signs or help organize this event, please call Tricia McKenzie at 429-0111 or 618-5475.

If you want to make a difference now, join us Saturday in Aspen, with loved ones, for your weekend hike and picnic in the mountains. Pass the word and see you there!

Tricia McKenzie


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