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A pay raise is in order

Dear Editor:

Sixty-six dollars a day for a day’s work to some of Skico’s instructors? Are you kidding? You can’t rent an apartment and manage a life on $66/day, even in Rifle. And Skico charges $625 a day to the client for the lesson?

Seriously? This is scandalous. Forbes estimates Lester Crown’s fortune at $4.1 billion and climbing. Well, no wonder it is increasing …

$4.1 billion is hard to conceptualize, but basically, it means that if Lester never got another dime from anything, he could spend $10 million a year for the next 400 years and not run out of money. Lester, it’s Christmas, for heaven’s sake. Give these people a raise! A living wage in Pitkin County, not one for Uzbekistan.

Shame on you.

John Galante

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