A pay boost for supporting impeachment

Dear Editor:The Aspen City Council declined to pursue a resolution to call for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney. They said they had better things to do and wanted to use their time to deal with the people’s business. They then took up the issue of a pay raise for members of the City Council.It is not that I would begrudge them a pay raise, they probably deserve it. And the time they spent on the Canary Initiative, for example, was commendable; even though energy savings in tiny little Aspen will not make a drop of water in the ocean difference in the overheating of the planet.How much impact would a statement by Aspen against the Bush regime have? Of itself, not much. But momentum is growing.One thing is for sure, the U.S. Congress will do absolutely nothing that is not either promoted by lobbyists, or that mobs of screaming voters will demand. There are two things that motivate members of Congress: money, and the possible loss of their jobs.I say: Tell the City Council that first they do the resolution for impeachment, then they do the pay raise.Patrick Hunter Carbondale