A parting shot

Dear Editor:

Scott Condon’s article on Keith Idea’s retirement tore the scab off an old wound for me. I’d like to add a few facts to the Basalt police chief’s retirement resume.

First of all, Keith got me fired from 7-Eleven by saying I told the shooters to “bring it on” and provoking them. Fact: I passed a lie detector test that proved I didn’t.

Keith stated that if I had told him the Hispanic scum bags had used a credit card, the cops would have known their identity sooner. Fact: They never asked, and if the boobs in blue had been paying attention, they’d have seen that on the store’s video that we viewed the night of the shooting. Furthermore, I identified both would-be assassins from mug shots the following day.

Chief Ikeda waited until July 30, 34 day after the shooting, to issue a warrant and release a picture of the same guy I’d identified 33 days earlier. This was Keith’s idea of a “fast and thorough” investigation. I must admit that Keith did a great job of sweeping this valley’s gang problem under the rug.

As for the department’s “effectiveness” in solving two robberies, the first robber was found by the cops sitting at home with money and a poor disguise, just like the victims said. The second idiot was also turned into the cops by the victim who spotted him in a local bar. He’d been living openly, for a month, right next to the 7-Eleven he’d robbed!

In closing, I never mean to disparage the memory of Don Knotts by comparing Keith to Barney Fife. Knotts was entertaining and funny, while Keith Ikeda was just a joke.

Bruno Kirchenwitz