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A padded running sock that fits like a glove

Socks to a runner are as important as the proper boots for a skier.

When I ran the Los Angeles Marathon a few years ago, I found out the hard way how important socks can be. I made the cardinal sin of wearing a different sock than what I had worn during training. The result was the loss of three toenails.

Lately, I’ve donned some newly-designed socks from Thorlo. They’re called “Experia,” and they’ve done me right thus far.

They’re designed for people who want the protection without all the weight, mostly younger runners who don’t have any self-limiting foot issues. The socks feature ball and heel pads that have been sculpted to retain a sufficient amount of padding to protect against the shear and impact of running.

They do fit like a glove, thanks to a new aerodynamic design with nylon Lycra that hugs my feet.

Mesh polyester allows air flow and breathability. The socks are made of 66 percent Coolmax (a high-performance, moisture-wicking fabric), 20 percent nylon, 13 percent polyester and 1 percent elastic.

The new Experias are the latest example of the North Carolina-based Thorlo doing something right ” they’ve been in business for more than 25 years. All Thorlo sock products are designed to protect the foot from activity-specific demands such as shear, impact and blistering.

Colors come in black, royal blue, orange, lime, yellow and lime. Pink available in sizes 9,10 and 11.


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