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A note to our readers

As always, we have become inundated with letters regarding the upcoming election in the final days before the big vote. We will attempt, through this special section and by setting aside some additional space, to get everyone’s letters in by the end of the week.

However, there is a limit to just how many letters we can print. Friday’s edition will be the final paper containing letters regarding the Nov. 5 election. We never print letters the day before the election, allowing voters a chance to arrange their thoughts without undue outside influence the day before Election Day.

Letters not regarding the election may be held until next week to make room for the huge pile still building on the editor’s desk. Also, those hoping to get election letters printed should not wait until the end of the week to submit them. They likely won’t get printed.

Thanks for your patience, and everyone get out and vote.

Mike Hagan


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