A note of thanks

Dear Editor: I would just like to take a minute to acknowledge and thank everyone who helped me with my initial foray into politics.

Thank you to Elaine Gerson and Laura Kornasiewicz, who agreed to be my treasurers. Thank you to the people who donated to the campaign. Thank you for the letters of support and the letters which offered reflection. Thank you for the verbal support.

And special thanks to Carmen Dowley and Sheila Wills for putting their hats into the political ring. They both proved to be fine running mates, running campaigns focused on what is in the best interest of our children. We are lucky in this community to have such choices.

And now with the defeat of Proposition 103 and with today’s announcement of another $89 million to be cut from the state’s education budget, this is the time for the community of Aspen to invest in the educational future of our children. Please continue to support the Aspen Education Foundation and the best interests of our children.

Sandra Peirce