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A no-win situation

Dear Editor:I hope everyone read Jeremy Madden’s column, “Garbage does not kill bears,” in the Sept. 6 Aspen Daily News. I think he hit the nail right on the head.The DOW is comprised of well qualified people who love animals, I’m sure. They placed a well thought out reply in the local papers a couple of weeks ago to everyone with other solutions than their own, however, their philosophy on the bears may work in some areas, but in Aspen it is NOT WORKING. The bears are all dying. They get hungry, they can’t find food, they break into houses, they die.Let’s feed them. If so called “human food” can solve the problem, so be it. We can feed them at several different locations outside of town so the dominant bears won’t deprive the rest, then we’ll hope for a better crop of natural food in the years to come. It worked in Vail, it works at the dump. Consider this, what’s the worst thing that can happen if it doesn’t work?Someone from the DOW, as well as other concerned citizens in the community have to step up into the 21st century and step up immediately because, right now, the bears are in a no-win situation.Don DixonAspen