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A nice walk, ruined

Dear Editor:Somebody needs to give AP sports writers some testosterone, or in worst case scenarios, a dictionary. How else would one explain their choices for male and female “Athletes of 2006?” Golfers?! What a joke.Foisting such high level accolades upon golfers is the biggest lie in American sports since baseball started playing the “World Series” without any foreign teams involved.I have nothing against the game of golf. I played a PGA course once and found it fun. But as far as being an athletic event, it ranks on par with shuffleboard, darts, billiards, trapshooting or videogaming. An AP writer wrote, Tiger Woods won two majors “without breaking a sweat.” Excuse me, please, but if players don’t break a sweat to compete in a sport, the sport’s not very athletic, is it?Webster’s defines an athlete as a person who is trained exercises involving:Physical Agility: the power of moving quickly and easily.Stamina: the power to endure fatigue.Strength: bodily or muscular power.I recognize it takes a good deal of manual dexterity to play golf, but in a metrosexual kind of way. It requires a supple-wristed touch to putt the ball just right. It’s not easy to gauge such a tender effort, but to award such delicate manipulations of stroke the highest honor in athletics is to ridicule physically superior athletes everywhere.Perhaps AP sports writers have been playing with their putters too long. If they could pull their heads out of the sandtraps long enough to look beyond the potbellied pasture pools of white ball fever, they might realize that real athleticism doesn’t require a caddie.They might discover sports where competition necessitates athletes to push themselves to the limits of human capacity, or at the very least, break a sweat.With obesity rates at all time highs in America, why are our sports writers perpetuating this nonsense? Golf is barely athletic. Their choice reeks of corporate-driven irresponsibility.America’s youth deserves better than to be told ANY golfer is worthy of the highest praise in athleticism.Bernie BoettcherSilt