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A new wave of leadership

Dear Editor:

I am well acquainted with Pamela Zentmyer and believe she would make an excellent trustee for the city of Carbondale. I know Pam as a friend and from working for me at Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse in Glenwood Springs.

If you have frequented Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse, you have noticed teamwork is key. Pam fit right in and was a true team player. She is incredibly bright, has a quick wit, is honest and can “think on her feet.” Our operation depends on communication between all aspects of the restaurant, and Pam was a firm believer in collaboration and communication. She was always ready to embrace new ideas and made intelligent suggestions.

Pam was raised in Carbondale. She has traveled around the world and still comes home to her community. She loves Carbondale and will have Carbondale’s best interest in mind if she becomes a new trustee. Pam will represent a new wave of leadership that involves communication of ideas with an open-minded approach and an ability to remain objective. A team player is what is needed, and Pam is a perfect fit.

Cece Zumwinkle