A new view on science

Dear Editor:I want to thank the Aspen Education Foundation for the microscope grant for the sixth grade. The two microscopes will allow us to delve deeper into our science curriculum. The microscopes that we purchased with the grant will permit all the sixth grade students at Aspen Middle School to learn how to use an advanced microscope.The sixth grade students at the middle school will be able to see, in detail, the cells in a leaf, the shapes of a grain of salt and many other fascinating items. The microscopes work very well with our science kits, especially our “Mixtures and Solutions” kit. They are the type of microscopes that they will use when they get to the upper grades. It is very special that sixth graders are exposed to such excellent equipment.The Aspen Education Foundation has provided a great service to all the teachers in the Aspen School District through educational grants. It has also made available materials that our kids love and are not always available in classroom budgets.We will use our microscopes for many years to come.Johanna Mueller, Mark MungerAspen Middle School


Aspen City Council puts brakes on Old Powerhouse Preservation Project

With many lingering questions still surrounding the fate of Aspen’s historic Old Powerhouse, City Council decided during Monday’s work session to hold off on providing staff direction on moving the preservation project forward until more information can be presented.

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