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A new solution for gridlock

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to Chuck Peterson of Tramway Engineering for attending Monday’s City Council meeting to be on hand to answer any questions regarding the proposed aerial people mover from Aspen to Buttermilk.

The most exciting benefit of an aerial people mover from Buttermilk to Aspen is the “ride” only takes 11 minutes, carries 3,000 people per hour one way ” which is the same as 74 buses leaving Rubey Park every 47 seconds or 1,500 cars with two passengers or 750 cars with four passengers ” and is cheap to build.

It’s not a new concept. Many other communities already have one to help with their traffic congestion, pollution, green reputation and economic bottom line. With Aspen’s ever-increasing gridlocked streets, the image of Aspen being “green” and “environmentally friendly” is tarnished when instead of fresh air you inhale exhaust fumes and greenhouse gases from lots of cars. Cough! Cough!

The proposed alignment, along with benefits, costs and constraints, is ready to be presented to Aspen City Council and the public for comment during a future work session. We are just waiting to hear back from the staff at City Hall as to when the work session can be held.

Thank you for your help and leadership to create a solution to Aspen’s well-known gridlock between Buttermilk and Aspen.

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Toni Kronberg