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A new generation of voters

Dear Editor:Thanks for your article “Aspen Rocks the Vote” (Sept. 5).Since August, volunteers with The New Voters Project here in Colorado have been out on the streets, in classrooms and at rock concerts registering young people to vote. By October 10, we’ll have registered 10,000 18 to 29 year olds – we’ve already registered over 1,000.The last two elections have shown that young people do vote. In 2004, turnout among 18 to 24 year olds jumped eleven percentage points over 2000 levels. In 2005, young people in student-dense precincts in New Jersey and Virginia increased turnout in the gubernatorial election by 15 and 19 percent.This year, the New Voters Project is part of coalition working to register 350,000 young voters for the 2006 election cycle – the largest youth voter registration effort ever conducted in a midterm election year. If the momentum holds, we might finally break the old stereotype that young people don’t vote.I applaud the Aspen Times for giving the youth vote the attention it deserves. Here’s hoping politicians follow suit.Rachel ListonCoPIRG Student ChaptersDenver

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