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A new era for donations

Dear Editor:The recent letter by Mr. and Mrs. Congdon rings true compared to the also recent letter by Mr. Kafrissen regarding the Paepcke Auditorium [Letters to the Editor, Sept. 3.] Mr. Karissen may be forgiven for having the observations of a “freshman” at Aspen University.The heritage of the Paepcke family is quite different from that of many newcomers. The Paepckes were both contemporary and integral to the synthesis that became the recently modern Aspen.Now, Aspen is struggling with its identity in the postmodern, post-Paepcke era of corporate wealth. Certainly new donors should be honored for their largess, but Mr. Kafrissen’s notation of who is wealthier than who shows that the older Aspen days of “egalitarian-elitism” are over.Opposition to nearby employee housing, questions regarding business royalties due to another nonprofit entity, and simply much less of a track record in Aspen caused part of the reaction to the proposed name change at Paepcke Auditorium.The Resnicks are definitely “post-Boogie’s” Aspen while the Paepcke name is clearly before the merchandising of Aspen.Sven Erik AlstromAspen and Lawrence, Kan.

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