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A new energy

Dear Editor:Now that a significant majority of Americans seem to have recovered from the negative spell cast by a certain virulent strain of radio-talk-show Republicanism, it is incumbent upon the Democrats to use their victory in these midterm elections to help connect the American people to an energy source that provides a real alternative to the politics of divisiveness and outrage that have characterized the Washington scene over the last six years.This alternative energy source has been called “communal feeling” (gemeinschaftsgefuehl) by one of the early pioneers of the psychotherapy movement, Alfred Adier, who regarded it as the final goal of all therapy and the appropriate antidote to the great malady afflicting today’s polarized world.As D.H. Lawrence put it: “We cannot bear connection. That is our malady. We MUST break away and be isolate. We call that being freed, being individual. Beyond a certain point, which we have reached, it is suicide.”Joel BrenceAspen

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