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A natural remedy

Dear Editor:

I was diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone mass) when I was in my 50s. I hated doing it, but I went on pharmaceutical drugs meant to address the problem. Over time, different pharmaceutical drugs were prescribed because of the bad side effects of the various drugs.

In my early 60s, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis (serious bone mass loss), even though I had been on a drug I could tolerate. I have a Nikken friend I trust, so I took her advice and went off the pharmaceutical drugs and started the Osteodenx bio-replenishment program, which is all natural.

After three months, my doctor said that I was on a good path; 8 months later I had regrown enough bone to be back to the Osteopenia diagnosis. My doctor was so impressed with the results, she said she didn’t need to see me for two years!

Dr. Naidu, who works with Nikken, is coming to Aspen on Sept. 12 at the Aspen District Theatre. I really think this man has developed many things that can help people remain active and healthy in many ways, in addition to the Osteodenx. I highly recommend everyone who cares about their health to attend the event!

Sherry Odenthal


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