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A momentous act

Dear Editor:

I am a partially retired senior and a small business owner here in Colorado. I can’t tell you how proud of my government I am with this wonderful event.

Thank you and congratulations for your efforts and support in the initial passage of this momentous act. While things are not going to be perfect in such a historic and all-encompassing effort, I am sure all Americans will feel the positive results of this act in my lifetime and beyond.

I think even more important is the message that you and your colleagues have sent to big business, the special interests and the voting public of this great country that the voters wishes and needs do count and that the big business and special interests will be held accountable and responsible to a higher standard of responsibility to the public and this great country and not just to their own and their stockholders interests.

I am sure the battle was difficult and that the price was high but as the act moves through the entire Congress I am equally sure that the support you and your colleagues felt from us initially will grow to an unending swell of doing what is good and right in our government. This will renew the feeling across this country and the world that ours is a system that is by the people and for the people.

Thank you again for your courage and support of us.

Ralph Harmon


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