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A missed opportunity

Dear Editor:

Dec. 16 insertion from what I actually submitted to the Mining Aspen for Ideas Program: “The Magnificent 4 Campaign is a several years year-round promotional advertising program using four simultaneous spokespersons representing different niche markets. Their individual niche markets will at times intersect and will create a synergy effect with longer lasting eddies (residual results). It is constantly in use over several years because its power of four simultaneous spokespersons is generationally based and promoted by starting with the older generation decrementing to 20-somethings.”

I must publicly declare that when I picked up The Aspen Times on Dec. 14 and read “So, what are the big ideas” and “City searching for the $200K big idea” and then re-read the city of Aspen’s website section “Mining Aspen for Ideas,” the local committee reviewing the ideas to bump up Aspen’s cash registers must be having an wild orgy and did not invite the public to the party.

Let’s see: This farce encouraged individuals’ ideas “to attract tourists to town” to stimulate “Aspen’s economy through special events and outside of the box approaches to business” so “increase visitation,” “showcase Aspen” and “help local businesses.”

Wasn’t the $60,000 one-year-salaried Aspen “downtown catalyst” a farce, too? So let’s return to the present time’s admitted unschooled, unprofessional submissions.

Studious Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland was quoted as saying “This is about creating a sustainable resort economy and the idea is long term, not short term.” Mmmm … ahem.

Now let’s see last week this frolicking orgasmic committee seems to have called in a baker’s dozen to pitch their unimaginative, infantile passe economic stimulus ideas that lack business sense, sales logic, customer buying knowledge, economic cycle, social science input, marketing scenario, historical and interdisciplinary relational dynamics understanding.

An example of the perceptional and informational processing deficiency is that may be a handful can see as I see that the Aspen economy is a “chick economy.”

Yup! Last week I let the Lodge at Aspen Mountain COWOP become hyper-aware that this place is a “chick economy” during the public comment after the exciting voting results (“Proposed lodge gets smaller, more affordable,” Aspen Times, Dec. 14).

I doubt that the selective orgasmic bevy had intelligently “whittled down [their choices] to the ones that were most viable” as proclaimed by Nancy Lesley, the city’s special events director.

I can definitely guarantee the public that my “The Magnificent Four” idea with special simultaneous multiple spokespersons with overlapping markets (audiences) programmed into a timely decrementing multigenerational sequence to cover target markets from 70-plus years down through 20-plus years within a specific logical time frame that takes into consideration even economic shocks and shifting private individual capital aggregates is the most sensible over the short-term and long-run. I can baby flow chart diagrams of this simple, doable idea.

Ergo, Ms. Lesley, “ultimately the committee will [not] pick the best idea that achieves the desired end result – attracting tourists” because I was excluded.

Of course, I should have submitted my super-elegant idea to them in baby talk. Ga, ga. Goo, goo.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq.

Aspen and Beverly Hills

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