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A missed opportunity

Dear Editor:

We are now mixing the definitions of DR (deed-restricted) with RO (resident-occupied) and lumping them together as “affordable housing.” The developer was very successful this week in finessing the definition where he will provide all too few DR housing units. The 1.35 times increase in the project passed without a hitch, even though the developer returned to “seek forgiveness” for a requested change that was tied to the coveted Whole Foods turned out to be false justification for the changes. The Town Council has “caved in.”

You need a degree in higher math because the formulas for determining the actual quantities of DR, RO and market housing units are so complicated. This is open transparent government? WOW. Just call the Basalt planning department and ask, “How many DR, RO and market housing units are there going to be at Willits, and how do you calculate the numbers and why?” Maybe after a half-hour explanation, you’ll get an answer. Then ask, “Does this meet the NEW Master Plan Guidelines for DR housing?” The answer is NO!

Providing DR housing in Basalt is just Town Council lip service. A plum of an opportunity was missed at Willits. All the stars were aligned there: density, transportation access and commercial access, and a developer wanting to revise an already approved PUD. Town Council, you blew it! These days you cannot create too much DR housing!

Jay Leavitt