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A message for the’half-empty brothers’

(This letter was originally addressed to Times columnist Roger Marolt.)Dear Editor: I am going to start calling you and your brothers, the “half-empty bros.” I can appreciate that not everything has gone the way you guys would like around here (me, too) – but, man, can you guys ever acknowledge what is good and beautiful about this place?!I know that I am just a new boy (1971) to you, but I see so much that is better about this community than what it was in 1971. I am not sure I can say I love it now more than I did 35 years ago – I love them both – in different ways, but, c’mon.Yeah Roger, I can name what I think is worse, too. The thing I hate most about the new Aspen is the continual bitching about how terrible Aspen is now. Give me a break – this place is awesome! I happen to think we have so much to be proud of in this community. When you have a place as great as this everyone wants a piece of that.No resort community that I can think of has resisted its inherent appeal, and resulting intense demand, with more grace and dignity than Aspen. No place is what it was in the past. The only constant is change – and no place has dealt better with that than Aspen.Have a fun Fourth, Roger! Hopefully this stinking, phony artificial town won’t ruin it for you and everyone else who wishes this was a different place than it is. In the meantime those of us who love Aspen and appreciate what it is will be having a blast.Scott WriterOld Snowmass

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