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A memory game

Dear Editor:I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down Aspen’s memory lane in yesterday paper (“A final toast to the Red O,” March 27), and I have a few more businesses for you that were formerly located in the space now operated by Jimmy’s: 72 Aspen and Anguilla.As for the businesses that have been in the basement level of the Daily News Building, add Andiamo, Club Mustang and Club Virga (the first three occupants of that space as a restaurant), and for the past several years, Labor Source.I have two thoughts on the tickling of our memories that you have created, the first being a continuation of the exercise until we elicit all of the past occupants that anyone (and public records) can think of, and the second being how great it is that Aspen’s free market allows anyone to risk anything and everything they own to try to bring new life to the community.Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It may spell disaster for the entrepreneur, but it’s always good for the community. Instead of having perhaps 200 businesses in town in a decade, we may get twice that number, and more times than not, when it works, these risk oriented people create something vibrant that the community appreciates in what was formerly an economic wasteland. A good example would be the successful restaurants in the Cantina complex, which sprung in part from an underutilized laundromat.Want another exercise? How about all of the restaurants that have occupied the space currently occupied by Gusto: Remember Maestro’s, Le Cadeau, Omi and Farfalla?Now if only I can remember to bring home that quart of milk my wife asked me to pick up.Harris A. CahnAspen


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