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A matter of priorities

Dear Editor:

I read about a Minnesota-based real estate development company wanting to build free-market housing and partnering with Aspen/Pitkin County Housing Authority ( “Aspen development firm cuts ties with embattled CEO,” Oct. 13, The Aspen Times). It seems that the city of Aspen is only concerned with “employee housing” units. Has the city ever considered putting aside money to build a badly needed senior care facility?

For years I volunteered at the Castle Creek Terrace (now Whitcomb Terrace) Assisted Living Center. I took three women out for lunches, picnics, drives, fishing, walks, shopping, church services and other fun activities over several years. Each time one of my women friends would become too frail or ill to stay at the Assisted Living Center here in Aspen, she would be sent downvalley to either Carbondale or Grand Junction to their care facility. However, all of her friends and relatives were here in Aspen. Is this any way to treat our elderly? Some of these people have lived in Aspen all of their lives.

Couldn’t some of the money that we put aside for our sacred “employee housing” go toward building a senior care facility in our town? Some of us will be seniors one day and may wish to stay near our longtime friends and relatives.

Susan Welsch


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