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A massive blunder?

Dear Editor:

In a desire to give away more newspapers in a tough economy, The Aspen Times took the low road with their headline about the Lift One Master Plan, “Massive Lift One unveiled to the public” (Nov. 11).

I understand the power of a good headline or title, I have named a few films in my day ” but I was selling tickets not giving away newspapers. They could have chosen another adjective, such as fabulous or thoughtful, but they didn’t. They went negative.

Now, I am a big fan of Carolyn Sackariason, and not sure if she was the perpetrator of this cheap shot headline or just wrote the story. But the story itself seemed to be a bit off tilt. Maybe C-Sack’s finger still hurt her, or maybe all the hours she has spent in agony watching City Council meetings finally took their toll. Not sure ” but I am sure her story didn’t tell the whole story ” not by a long shot.

A few words to set things straight ” Toni Kronberg did not say lawsuits or a referendum were likely. She said she hopes to prevent any from being filed. Can more be said to illustrate my point, than to find myself defending Toni Kronberg? I think not.

Hired gun, attorney Bob Hoover, made page 1 with this statement, “There is no question this is the largest project that has come before you.” He threw in the word “massive” a few times, and then made up the word “largeness” in his closing remark. Again, lawyer not English teacher.

Duh! Of course it’s big. It incorporates two hotels, a ski run, two new lifts, a museum, a revitalized steak house, ski lockers, affordable housing, and partridge in a pear tree (only a rumor).

My point is this. We as a COWOP were charged with looking at the Lift One area in its entirety ” not as individual parts. If we had, there would be five to seven small, medium and/or large projects ” not one “coordinated” effort to produce the best project for the area and Aspen in general.

I understand Bob Hoover ” he is being paid to say those things. But, the Times had a choice. They could tell the entire story, by reporting that there was over 90 percent buy-in by the group, or take a cheap shot with a headline that does nothing but put a negative spin on the project, and insult all who volunteered their time (over 2,000 hours) to work on the Lift One Master Plan.

I find it sad the Times could not find a nice word to say, when a group such as the Lift One COWOP, a melting pot of Aspen locals, gets together over 27 weeks and produces a project as fine as this by reaching consensus through compromise.

I find is sad that The Aspen Times took the low road.

Andrew Kole


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