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A man with a mouse, a cat, a dog, and a mission

To the good and non-greedy people of Aspen:

My name is Greg Pike. I have the cat on dog and mouse on cat. I’m trying to teach people to get along and just to live and be happy. Not to be greedy and try to control.

I don’t ask for money and I don’t expect anything from anybody. I do have a donation bucket for people to give, only if they want to give. I make everybody happy and in return they make me happy.

There are some problems in this town that people have no control over, and these are against the Constitution. Parking is just one of many problems. When the meters went up and the prices were set, was this voted on by the voters of this town? No.

When this happens, the officials are supposed to put this in the public to vote on, and this did not happen. I know this because I speak to these people and they are not happy with these prices.

It’s the rich, greedy people that own most of this town that are in control, not the voters who live here. It’s for the people and by the people, not for the rich and by the rich.

These rich that have control, most of them don’t even reside in this town and are not registered voters because they don’t live here long enough. Money does not buy everything. You can’t buy or control me. Publicity will destroy money any day.

I have no nationality. I am but a human living on an earth. I will not allow anybody to make me pay to be anywhere or tell me I can’t go anywhere. I am a free sovereign that no government will control. Free sovereign is in the Constitution and this choice should be taught in school.

A human should not be branded with a number before they have a choice (social security number). One day I will travel the world with my display of peace. Can you imagine the technology if the world was one?

Because I cannot afford to pay $30 a day to make $60 a day, I regret to inform the good people of this town that Sunday is the only day that I can afford to be here. Thirty dollars a day is what it costs me in gas and parking to be here.

Because of the town’s greed, there is a chance that I might have to leave altogether. For that, I have to apologize to the good people of Aspen.

Who knows, next the Iraqis will be letting the Kurds play with their ears, the Serbs will be sleeping with the Croats, and Rush Limbaugh will cuddle up with Bush and share a box of marzipan.

The freedom of America and the Constitution was supposed to expand to a free world, but because of greed and power, borders were set so wars can make them money.

Gregory P. Pike

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