A Mammoth name change

Dear Editor:

With the amazing discovery of the mammoth bones and mastodon tooth in the Ziegler Pond by the Divide, I think that the town and ski area finally have a worthy identity to name themselves after, something that is all their own, and not something like the name Snowmass which was stolen from their neighbors.

I propose that the town of Snowmass Village, Colorado 81615 be renamed Mammoth, Colorado 81615, and the ski area be renamed Mammoth Ski Area. This should permanently remove any chance of any confusion in the future, and the residents of the only Snowmass, Colorado 81654, where I have lived for nearly half of the town’s 115 year history, can once again live in quiet obscurity. We can regain our identity as a ranching community, and no longer have people think we live at a ski resort.

Respectfully, with tusk in cheek.

Steve Child

Snowmass Village