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A love letter to Aspen

Editors note: We received this submission back in July, but because it is all about how wonderful Aspen is in the winter, we thought wed wait to print it until the heart of the ski season. This piece is by a 10-year-old named Zachary who lives in New York City and has been visiting Aspen every year with his family for eight years. According to his mother, Maura, he wrote this essay as a school assignment. In a note to us Zachary says his favorite mountain here is Highlands, and that he likes staying at the Hotel Jerome with his parents and brother when they are in town. My instructor Buddy took me up to the Bowl on Highlands and that proves that the instructors really like going on hard trails, he says. Thanks for writing this, Zachary, and to Aspen: Happy Valentines Day.

Hi, my name is Zachary and I am here to tell you that winter is the best time of the year because of Aspen. In Aspen you can have delicious food and you can go to great toy and clothes stores all around Aspen. Aspen also has the best skiing and the best ski instructors.Winter is the best time of the year because in Aspen you get to have great food. In the mornings you can have omelets with bacon and ham or have an omelet with any topping. At lunch you can have Texas-styled grilled cheese and cheese burgers and much more. At dinner you can get Hawaiian shrimp with small mushrooms and you can get all sorts of seafood that you cant get in many other places.The toy stores and clothes stores are very good in Aspen. In the clothes stores they have ski hats and ski pants and helmets and ski goggles and a lot of other ski things. In the toys stores you can get ugly dolls (ugly dolls are dolls that are not so ugly but cute in a way). You can also get a lot of stuffed animals and things like skiers and Max the Moose and Big Foot. This stuff is so awesome because you can buy it everywhere in Aspen and in other places the toy store could be miles away and not have that much stuff.Its so good having four mountains to ski on because if you want to go to another mountain, you can take the bus there. The mountains are Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain, Highlands, and Snowmass. Buttermilk is for the youngest kids and Aspen Mountain has no ski school and a lot of adult skiers on it. Highlands is the tallest and it has a bowl on the top and on the top of the bowl is a grill and people have lunch up there. Snowmass is the widest mountain and it has a lot trails. Thats why Aspen is one of the best places to ski.In Aspen they have some of the best ski instructors in the U.S.A. The ski instructors really make people a lot better at skiing. Its a lot better to learn from the best because if you learn from the worst they could be wrong. Its also worth going to ski at Aspen because instructors are a lot of fun.This is why you should go to Aspen for winter.

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