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A lousy loophole

Dear Editor:As many residents of Pitkin County already know, the struggle for any kind of housing accommodation has reached a critical point. I applaud the efforts of the Pitkin County Housing Authority and the town Housing of Snowmass Village for their efforts to alleviate this huge ongoing problem with limited resources. I have been a resident working full time here in the valley for nearly five years now and know first hand what it is like to come in as an outsider and try to make a living without commuting for two hours a day. While searching for a rental unit for my wife and I, it became evident that there was an unusual lack of turnover this year yet I knew quite a few people personally that had moved out at the end of the season.While the housing authority requires that the unit be returned to the rental inventory, most people find it more convenient to sublet their place till they return to the valley so they don’t lose their place. While the Pitkin County and the Snowmass housing offices both require proof of eligibility to sign into a lease, there doesn’t seem to be much of any follow-through once a person qualifies to make sure that the same person is still the one living there.This loophole is making an already difficult situation even harder for people like us that are getting passed by for housing opportunities because we play by the rules. It seems that personal accountability to do the right thing has been thrown out the window, so maybe it’s time for a reform in the system so that it can better serve the people it was intended for.Mark Van WierenSnowmass Village