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A little Skico communication, please

Dear Editor:Regarding your article in the Dec. 28 Aspen Times, especially this quote: “We know they’ve been doing it for years and we’ve not been happy with it for years,” said Hans Hohl, mountain operations and ski school manager at Buttermilk. We’ve been doing this for years, too, and have never been made aware of a problem! This is the second time this year that the skiing company management/employees have waited until long after the fact to let us know that another course of action would have been better. I, for one, would have been happy to accommodate had I just known. When I went with my son to pick up his ski pass (paid for by phone before the price hike) both my son and I were lectured separately about how we should have come to get the pass before the deadline to keep costs down. Once again, I would have been glad to accommodate. We were just never told.Anyway, I had to get it off my chest that a little prior communication by the skiing company would be greatly appreciated.Helen McQueeneyEl Jebel


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