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A little logic, please

Dear Editor:After watching George W. Bush and Tony Blair give their rationale for not demanding a cease-fire in the Middle East, I realized that these two Western leaders are completely without the ability to apply logic. So I will do it for them.Let’s say there was a wildfire threatening the lives and infrastructure of several large cities and the chiefs of the two largest fire departments addressed the public and stated; “It’s too bad that innocent people continue to lose their lives and property, but we can’t recommend that this fire be put out until it can be guaranteed that wildfires can be eliminated altogether. This is part of our larger strategy for the global elimination of wildfire. Imagine a world without the terror of fire!”Human conflict, like fire, will never be eliminated from this planet, and therefore a policy which states that nothing will be done until we can guarantee complete elimination is a policy that will fail. For supposedly great and just societies not to use their position of authority to assure that all steps necessary are taken to bring an end to the death and destruction of innocent lives is a travesty.Be advised, the entire world is watching and drawing its own conclusions.Bruce GrayCarbondale

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