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A little less unbearable

Dear Editor:Thank you “beary” much to all of you who helped with the capture of the motherless baby bear that was lost and wandering aimlessly along East Durant and Ute Avenue. Without the help of concerned neighborhood residents, Aspen Police Department, Pitkin County Animal Control, Department of Wildlife, and Community Safety this tiny bear (baby) would not have lasted long, let alone made it through this winter. Story is that DOW has been watching momma, baby and her brother for awhile. Baby is a runt and was falling behind her brother, who learned quickly and was foraging for himself. So with winter coming and a short food supply, momma made a tough choice and abandoned baby leaving her to fend for herself.On Tuesday evening, baby wandered by our condo on East Durant looking timid, confused, hungry and unsure of her surroundings. She was not any bigger than our 30-pound cocker spaniel. We called numerous agencies seeking help and directions. Alas, it was after office hours. We did establish that the cub was motherless. In the meantime we escorted the little tike to Glory Hole Park, where we thought it would be safer, but baby returned to the streets and a crabapple tree by City Market. Here he spent the night under the watchful eye of the Aspen police who helped even though this wasn’t their problem. Many neighbors came by with their own stories of Baby encounters and expressed their concern for Baby’s size, welfare and future. She was so small, everyone wanted her picked up and taken care of.Wednesday, we received returned calls from everyone, learned the full story of baby’s abandonment and learned the happy news that baby was safe and being cared for at the “rehab” shelter in Rife. Everyone had helped out. Everyone’s heart went out to this little girl. Baby was rescued by Community Safety and transported to the animal rehab center in Rifle. Rescue was simple; she was “shooed” into a cage. In Rifle she will be brought up to weight, bedded down for winter hibernation and in the spring “rehabilitated” to live on her own and returned to the woods. Stories like this make the summer less “unbearable.” Thank you all again.Kip and Mary WheelerAspen